Straight viewing

DIRECT-TO-HOME: A technician installing the dish and viewing card. Happy viewing folks. Photo: K. Ramesh Babu  

SACHIN prepares to pack a fiery Shoaib to all corners, Tulasi is all set to give a new twist to `Saas bhi... ' and HBO has listed the premiere of a popular Hollywood flick. Excited? But wait, do check if your cable television operator has made plans to throw a wet blanket by announcing yet another strike.

How one hates to be left at the mercy of cable operators for the daily dose of excitement and entertainment. If you are looking for ways to break free, then the wait for an alternative is over.

Forget cables and their masters, look to the skies and catch the beam straight from satellites. For, the long-awaited direct-to-home (DTH) facility is finally in Hyderabad shores.

While the free service offered by Doordarshan may take some time, Hyderabadis are hooked to other networks that have been made available in recent times. Zee's DishTV, which is offering 100 channels, spread over different bouquets, is said to have already garnered a considerable user base.

On offer are different bouquets and a choice can be made according to one's needs. The monthly charges start at Rs. 107, which goes up if a subscriber chooses more bouquets. "The packages cater to varied sections and comes in the form of music, news and entertainment which an individual subscriber can pick," says Kishore Reddy of Shubham Telecom.

The one-time installation costs Rs. 6,320, which includes the dish, viewing card and other accessories that enable the viewer go DTH way. The dish is a small one, 60 cm at that, and can be set up at a place of convenience -- whether it is on the terrace or get it mounted on a wall.

Reddy says about 20,000 subscribers are already glued to DTH. Are you ready for excitement and entertainment unlimited?

By T. Lalith Singh