Story comes to city


SHASHILAL NAIR, who is in Chennai now to promote his movie, must be doubly happy. The Tamil version of his `no songs, no commercial elements' film, Ek Chotti Si Love Story, will be released this Friday.

The court has only dismissed the plea of Manisha Koirala (whom he calls a dear friend) and cleared the movie for release. The controversy that made media headlines has apparently helped the movie in more ways than one.

"Nobody even knew that I was making this movie with all new faces and technicians. The entire movie was shot in two weeks and we were thinking of releasing it only in a few theatres for a select class of audience. But all the controversy turned too much attention on the movie," Shashi said, unwinding during a chat on Wednesday.

Apparently, the controversy has helped.

"The business that the movie did during the first six weeks was what we imagined would be the turnover in six months or even a year." But wait a minute. Shashi assured us that he was still bitter about the controversy.

Something cooking? "I am currently doing a documentary series for the BBC on religion. I am absolutely busy right now to think about anything else. Let's see after ten months," Shashi signs off.

By Karthik Subramanian

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