Steak festival at Tiger Trail

Tiger Trail

Tiger Trail  

NO TRUE American can live without them; those half-cooked slabs of beef called steaks and equally unpalatable to the average Indian, including most NRIs.

Tiger Trail, the open-hearth restaurant at Harsha Park Inn in Shivajinagar, is launching the desi, spicy, well-cooked variety of steaks, and the Yanks can cry "sacrilege" if they want.

Steaks obviously mean meat and if the vegetarians feel they need not read on, please spare another moment. At Tiger Trail, there will be veggie steaks too. Like the Hara Bara Steak, spinach and mixed vegetables served with makki ka chips, and chikoo chutney. This chutney is something special, a bit sweet, a bit sour, and a bit hot.

The other veggie steaks include the Nargisi, mixed vegetables with veg. patties served with jeera pulao, and makhani gravy. You sure won't find them in Gila Bend, Arizona. Also the Paneer Pudina Steak, stuffed paneer with mint chutney served with pan-fried arbi, and brinjal, garnished with salad and chikoo chutney.

Now, for the non-vegetarian fare. You can try Gazab ka shena steak, chicken breast stuffed with kheema and spices or the Nimona steak, chicken with paneer, sliced onion, and yoghurt sauce. The Raan-e-Josh steak has mutton leg cooked in tandoori masala and served with butter kulcha and potatoes.

The steak festival is on from Friday for dinners. While waiting in the restaurant, you can actually see the chefs transform prime cuts of meat and vegetables into exotic steaks.

Tiger Trail has revamped its regular menu with many new dishes, each one worth savouring at leisure. There are old favourites too. The Awadhi Jhinga Sheekh Kabab has skewered minced prawns marinated in spices, herbs, and cashew paste, finished in the tandoor. The Hariyali Meenu Tikka has fresh seer from the Kabini River, marinated with mint and spices and cooked in the tandoor.

The restaurant has a wide variety of veg. kababs too like the Dillagi Tikki Nawabi Pasand: babycorn, mushrooms, carrots, and beans minced with spices and char-grilled. And a range of veg. and non-veg. curries to go with rice dishes or Indian bread.

By Satyamurty K.

Photo: Sampath Kumar G.P.

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