Stay glued to that couch this September!

THE MONTH of September might spell romance for popcorn clubs at theatres, but for the couch potatoes glued to their silver screen at home, it will be a month with plenty of action. With HBO bringing in comic-book heroes to fight evil, the battle for control of the remote has just begun.

Bringing home the prettiest comic-book hero in "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" starring Angelina Jolie and the fastest set of wheels on the streets in "The Fast and the Furious", HBO makes sure that staying at home on weekends is far from boring. A line up of big budget blockbusters and small screen "specials", September brings with it the perfect excuse to spend days at home.

Besides a chance to watch superstars in extraordinary situations, HBO gives viewers a rare glimpse into their lesser-watched award winning films. While there might be familiar names, they will be acting in films that have never had a mainstream release.

A little off-beat and definitely unique, HBO presents its Emmy Winners Extravaganza. Starting with a "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge'' starring Halle Berry, see "61" directed by comedian Billy Crystal. Also watch the "best" team in Hollywood - Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg fight yet another war in "Band of Brothers".

Forget trying to drag the children out for a new "cultural" experience this September. With movies like "Babe: Pig in the City", "Batman" and lots of inspiration to be destructive in "Problem Child 3", HBO will ensure that Sundays prove to be just the relaxing break you need.

And for those who like thrillers with a twist, this is probably the only place to see them. From Cold War espionage in "The Hunt For Red October" and "The Fourth Protocol", there is also the usual hard-hitting action movie with Sylvester Stallone as "The Specialist".

Bringing to your home some of the best action movies to keep you glued to your seats, grab your daily dose of adrenaline on HBO this September.

By Mandira Nayar

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