Star menu

Saran and Madhavan at Star Rock.  

CHINESE CUISINE, `combo meals' and cocktails. With a combination like that on its glossy menu Star Rock at Arunachalla Inn, Kodambakkam High Road cannot help but stand out — in spite of the fact that pubs, bars and discos have been springing up here with all the enthusiasm of a particularly well-tended colony of mushrooms.

However, since the city's jet-set party crowd already has plenty of options, ranging from travelling from Spain to England between `Zara' and `Bike and Barrel', hitting the beach at EC41 or retreating into an Arabian Night at the Pasha, Arunachalla Inn had to do more than just outfit their waiters in jazzy satin shirts to get noticed in the cocktail circuit (though they've been there, done that too). So they're calling themselves `Chennai's First Resto Bar.' And they serve `Chinese'.

On the opening night, which was jam packed with men in dhotis racing women in stilettos for the occasional vacant table, Madhavan and director Saran sneaked in and grabbed a cosy corner table. Madhavan, who was barely recognisable without the bevy of semi-hysterical fans that generally shriek enthusiastically at his every public appearance, and Saran were there to celebrate the fast-approaching release of Jay Jay, the soundtrack of which thumped in the background. Actor Bharat from Boys was also there with a gang of boys (and for the curious - no, none of them were from `Boys'.)

Star Rock, set at gateway to Kodambakkam, is also making sure its proximity to the stars and star makers does not go unnoticed, as evidenced by it's dramatic tagline: `Star Rock - the Gateway to Kollywood'.

By Shonali Muthalaly