Spreading Swami's message

No one can forget the saint and social reformer, Chattambi Swami, who stood for a society where equanimity was the golden rule.

He had rendered an unrelenting battle against the social evils which was taken up by his disciples later.

The Swami who was born at Kolloor at Kannamoola on August 25, 1853, was a strong proponent of an equal society that gave maximum importance to humanity instead of caste and creed.

Since the Swami attained samadhi at the age of 70, on May 5, 1924, generations that succeeded had little knowledge about his invaluable contributions.

The album, `Sri Vidyadhiraja Hridayanjali,' released by Kumpalath Santhakumari Amma, sheds light on the life and works of the Swami.

Chattambi Swami, through `Vedadhikaram,' sought to spread the message that the Vedas are for all. An ardent study of the Vedas would help one to distinguish between dharma and adharma.

All these aspects have been portrayed in the songs written by the late Jagathy Velayudhan Nair. Perhaps, Santhakumari Amma and Prof. Nair are the two persons who had firsthand knowledge about the life of the saint.

The album is a laudable attempt to pass on the message to the future generations.

By Nair N.J.

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