Spotlight on eco-design

Ever heard of eco-design? Well, it is a concept that promotes life-cycle thinking, use of less toxic materials, lower pollution, reducing use of materials and promoting recyclable materials.

To provide a fillip to the concept of eco-design in India, three major academic institutions including the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, have come together to organise a two-day "International Conference on Eco-design'' on November 26 and 27 in the Capital.

An effort to exchange knowledge and develop capability among companies, design professionals, engineers, universities, social organisations and institutions in India and European countries, the conference will cover various issues like "sustainable transport'', "eco-design in engineering and practice'', ''waste minimisation and recycling'' and "corporate social responsibility''.

Eco-design is a concept of redesigning and reformulating products and their production processes by taking environmental aspects into consideration and implies the need to balance ecological and economic requirements while developing the design of products. It results in a saving of material and energy, a reduction in waste, an innovative product design and a considerable reduction in costs.

Besides IIT, Delhi, the other two organisers are the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands and INETI, Portugal under the European Union funded "Indian European Ecodesign Programme'' to promote eco-design in India.

By Lalit K. Jha