Spirituality knows no barriers

A student chanting a sloka.

A student chanting a sloka.  

IT IS said that spirituality knows no barriers like age, religion, gender, caste or community.

The enormous response to the fourth annual `Gita' chanting competition, organised by the Madurai Chinmaya Mission for school students vindicate this belief.

About 3,800 school students from 25 schools participated in the competition.

It was eagerly looked forward to by parents and school students alike.

Held this year at the Sethupathi Higher Secondary School, 270 students were short listed for the final.

Students from LKG to higher secondary, were divided into four categories.

The students had to chant from among the 72 `slokas' of the second chapter of the `Bhagavad Gita.' The criteria for judging were diction, fluency, memory, and overall presentation skills.

What made the competition notable was that students of all ages, and from other religions and communities took part in it enthusiastically.

The organisers noted that a number of Muslim and Christian students were among the proficient participants.

This year, the Chinmaya Mission engaged not just the students, but also their parents.

The Mission organised a quiz competition and a `Gita' chanting competition for the parents of the participating students.

Thus, instead of being a passive audience, parents too exhibited their oratorical and general knowledge skills.

By Preethi Chandrasekar

Photo: S. James.

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