Spielberg is back in business

TOP-SHOT director Steven Spielberg is back in business. This time, he is narrating the true story of a talented liar in the movie `Catch me if you can', which is currently being screened at a city cinema hall.

Spielberg teams up with some of the best talent available in Hollywood to paint the tale of a true-life fraudster, Frank Abagnale, who siphoned off a neat $ 2.5 millions in fraudulent cheques by conning his way through life.

The trade craft of Spielberg combined with the talents of Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken makes the film thoroughly riveting.

At different stages in his long and exciting criminal career, Frank doubles up as a Pan Am pilot, a doctor, lawyer and even a college-level sociology teacher.

The movie revolves around the life and times of Frank Abagnale Jr. who by the age of 21 has embezzled millions of dollars.

The FBI agent, Carl Hanratty, who specialises in fraudulent cheque deals, pursues Frank relentlessly over several years.

There are several instances in which Carl gets real close to netting Frank for good. A `Catch Me If You Can' competition develops between the two. Over a period of years, the criminal and the cop regularly talk on Christmas Eve via telephone. They strike a strange relationship since both have lot in common: loneliness and lack of true friendship, for one.

Di Caprio does a fine job portraying the colourful fraudster who has a passion for high life and women.

Christopher Walken does a brief role as the senior Frank Abagnale.

By Anand G

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