Soorya's Indian Panorama from Dec. 27

THE SOORYA is presenting an array of films that is representative of the best in Indian cinema this year.

The Indian Panorama starts at Tagore theatre with the screening of `Nakshatra Kannulla Rajakumaran Avanundoru Rajakumari' at the Tagore theatre on December 27.

The Malayalam films selected for the Indian Panorama hosted by Soorya include `One Man Show' directed by Shafi, `Praja' directed by Joshi, `Suthradharan' directed by Lohitadas and `Phantom' by Biju Varkey.

The Hindi section includes `Kali Salwar' by Fareeda.

The Bengali film `Tak Jhal Misti' directed by Basu Chatterji and `Hemantar Peakhi' by Urmi Chakraborthy are also part of the Indian Panorama.

There is an Oriya entry this time.

It is `Magunira Shagada' directed by Anup Singh. From the Telugu section, it is `Tiladaanam' directed by K.N.T.Sastri.

The Marathi Section is represented by `Vasthupurush' directed by Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar.

The highlight of the Indian Panorama is the screening of the Kashmiri film `Bub' directed by Jyoti Sarup.

The film by Anoop Singh, `Ekti Nadir Naam' is also part of the Panorama.

By Anand G.