Social conditioning

Does this despair lead to suicide?

Does this despair lead to suicide?  

Being literate and `over-qualified' without matching social conditions, we cannot afford to lose our self-esteem. When problems mount and solutions are a distant dream, death seems to be an easy way out.

This social disease can be contained only if we create an awareness at the society level. Social workers should be recruited and given adequate training about counselling. They should work in close quarters with the people's representatives (such as ward members) who have a better understanding of the locality. They can set up offices at ward levels to coordinate activities. A social data bank may be maintained which include the economic and emotional details of the ward residents. This information may help us avert some casualties.

Helpline facilities can also be set up with free toll phones numbers. This could serve as a platform for them to discuss their problems with others.

Anjana R. Nair Thiruvananthapuram

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