Sites shuttergbugs would love

SOME OF the most remarkable photos on the Internet are now vying for prizes.

What Oscars is to cinema, Photobloggies is to well... photoblogging. For those who are still not sure what a blog is, read no further — it's just too complicated to explain.

For the rest of you with a superfast Internet connection and an eye for the unusual, take an hour off to surf and gawk at some breathtaking sites.

At you get all sorts of categories — from geographical region, to black and white, to best writing and abstract photography.

The voting closes on March 28, and the winners will be announced on March 30. If has some offbeat photos of Thai Pusam festival, has uploaded eight pictures of children in various moods in a classroom, and's digital images of the night.

It's all there, the amateur, the professional and the really weird.

And for some cheerful news... There are a couple of Indians who have made it to the finals in the South East Asian/Indian category. Nilesh's looks at the glory of a 1,000-year-old Nanjundeshwara temple in the afternoon when the sunlight streams in.

Zishaan's colourful photograph of eight children from Himachal Pradesh, with a bashful little girl on the right shying away is testimony that Indian shutterbugs have the best canvas.

By Dhanya Parthasarathy

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