Shriek your hearts out

FUN RIDE: Kids couldn't have asked for more in this hot summer.

FUN RIDE: Kids couldn't have asked for more in this hot summer.  

EXCITED SHRIEKS. Cries of bewilderment and funfilled laughter. The new set of amusement facilities at NTR Gardens are bound to make this summer vacation all the more exciting for children.

Why children alone, adults too. As the `Columbus', a huge swinging pendulum, would go to one extreme, high into the air, the pitch of the excited cries also would reach the crescendo and vice-versa. `Dream Girl', a whirlwind ride, takes one on a fast trip, with unexpected jerks and tilts, creating mixed feelings of scary fun. Then there are many coin operated individual rides and huge inflatable items in the form of a toy train where children could go in and jump to their heart's content, without fear of getting hurt on the soft and bouncy material.

Well these and more like Sun & Moon, and traditional Merry-go-round are the new set of amusement facilities inaugurated by HUDA Vice-Chairperson, Lakshmi Parthasarathy, on Monday. The children had a pleasant surprise when film actor, Rajendra Prasad, joined them in the `Columbus' and there was a clamour to join him in the rides.

Well the amusement facilities itself were provided by Tarakarama Estates, who were consultants for the Elles World, the first amusement park in the city, way back in 1994. Says Director, I. Satish, the new amusement facilities are aimed to cater to a wide cross-section of visitors, irrespective of age. Though certain rides are exclusively for children. "They are the first of its kind facilities in public space created at a cost of Rs. 78 lakhs,'' he claims.

These are in addition to boating, toy train and Machan tree facilities at the sprawling NTR gardens, a popular recreation spot in the city. The tickets are reasonably priced at Rs. 10 per ride when compared to similar other parks. So more excitement in store for you and shriek your hearts out.

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