Short & the first

WE'VE HEARD of festivals - all kinds of them. Short ones, long ones, local ones, international ones, controversial ones and interesting ones. Just when we imagined we've seen the gamut, here comes a genuine first in the industry.

A Tamil Short Film Festival. `Silambu 2002' is an attempt to celebrate the centenary year of Italian realism guru, Vittorio de Sica, known in this country primarily for his seminal work `Bicycle Thieves'. The festival will be held on October 18, 19 and 20.

"It is the first time that a film festival for Tamil short films is being organised in the city. It is a unique opportunity for young, enthusiastic film makers to exhibit their talents and films to an appreciative audience," says Ajayan Bala, one of the organisers of Silambu 2002 and himself, a short film maker.

The organising committee is a motley group of members from organisations like `Athirvugal', `Movie Appreciation Society', `Nizhal' and `Pudhupunal' and others, `who are in love with making films'. The venue of the festival is the DBICA Centre in Kilpauk.

The festival folks invite entries to be screened at the venue from Tamil filmmakers throughout the world. And if you have not figured it out by now, the entry for the show is free.

By Ramya Kannan

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