Shampoo gets a new face

Vivacious Jyotika

Vivacious Jyotika  

NOT MANY people go through enjoyable experience in real life, and find out a few weeks later, that they are required to enact more or less the same thing for a television commercial. Coincidences are not for the majority of us, but there are honourable exceptions.

Quite often, real life is drab and monotonous, and we need to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps if we want to find something out of the ordinary. That certainly wasn't the case with Jyotika, the popular star with the lustrous locks of hair that frames a photogenic face and an evergreen smile.

Some weeks ago, so the story goes, Jyotika crept into a theatre without any fanfare, just to see one of her own movies, Dum Dum Dum.

She was there not just for an evening of enjoyment, but also to gauge how well the film went down with the die-hard, young-at-heart movie fans in the audience.

Unfortunately, she couldn't remain incognito for too long, and was soon `discovered' by her fans, who were thrilled to see her and jostled for autographs and a word or two of appreciation about the more popular films.

In fact, the year 2001, when she scintillated in `Dum Dum Dum', was also the year that saw her give noteworthy performances in `Little John', `Star', `Poovellam un vaasam' and `12 B'.

A short while after the memorable movie theatre incident, Jyotika was shooting more or less the same scene for the "Jasmine'' variant in the Lux shampoo range, being launched by Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL).

This was a shampoo brand meant mainly for the Southern market, where jasmine finds a place at almost every auspicious occasion, and where young women love to wear strings of jasmine at every happy family function. HLL is bringing out the new shampoo with a special conditioning agent that would provide radiance and sheen to shampooed hair, and also give the flowing locks, the lingering fragrance of jasmine flowers in full bloom.

In fact, one reason why jasmine was so widely used in the South, was that the soft, white blooms were widely believed to cleanse the scalp and give greater volume to long, bouncy hair.

``I enjoyed shooting for the advertisement it was a great experience.

The television commercial is very lively, and the dance sequences and music track all make it very likeable,'' was Jyotika's reaction to the event.

Though hailing from the North, Jyotika has endeared herself to movie viewers in the South partly because of her elder sister Nagma. "It is because of didi's popularity here in the South that I was introduced into cinema. That's no secret!'' she admits.

Incidentally, Jyotika's rapid climb to fame within a short period of time, is due in large measure to her professionalism and dedication, especially when it comes to giving her best to the character she's been assigned to play in the movie.

Come to think of it, the shampoo ad isn't the first one for Jyotika. Lots of her fans would remember seeing her in the "Would you like to dine with me'' ad for RPG Cellular, where winning the first prize meant getting to meet the vivacious star in person, and share a meal with her.

Speaking of food, and especially eating out in good company, can you guess what could be Jyotika's favourite dish? No, it isn't cream of tomato soup. It's butter chicken.

Jyotika has certainly come a long way from the time she took her first footsteps into the film world. She began with `Doli sajake rakhna' in Hindi, and followed it up with `Vaali', `Poovellam Kettupar', `Kushi', `Mughavari', `Rhythm', `Snehidiye', `Thenali' and `Uyirile kalanthathu'.

By Michael Raj A A

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