Say yes to biryani

Gone are the days when biryani lovers had to go all the way to Gangur on the Vijayawada-Machilipatnam highway for a plate of steaming, spicy stuff. Hotel D.V. Manor is now offering the complete biryani experience, including the famed Hyderabadi one. An amazing 32 varieties are on offer at the Great Biryani Festival one for each day in the month. The spread is truly mouth-watering - there are 11 types of chicken biryani, eight types of mutton biryani, five types of vegetarian biryani and four types each of prawn and egg biryani. To attract culinary lovers, the varieties will be offered on rotation, says R.K Berry, general manager of the hotel. Berry also has an interesting story about the origin of biryani. Lucknowi nawabs were great connoisseurs of food. A variety of dishes were prepared for every meal and the nawabs used to taste just a little bit from the huge vessels. The rest usually found its way to the huge army of construction workers. The leftovers, which were cold, were put into a vessel and re-heated before being served.

One day, a nawab went to inspect the construction site. The aromas of some delicacy being prepared attracted his attention. He made enquiries about the dish being cooked and wondered why such a dish was not being served at his table. He was then told that it was just leftovers from his kitchen. Thus, biryani entered the royal kitchen.

Biryani connoisseurs can taste the dish prepared using the culinary traditions from different parts of the country like Lucknow, Rann of Kutch and our own Hyderabad at the festival. Displaying an innovative streak, the hotel chefs have also come out with new biryani dishes. A bottle of beer or unlimited quantity of Pepsi is also offered to wash down the spicy tangy stuff. The festival is on up to January 4.

By G.V. Ramana Rao in Vijayawada

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