Saturdays, Sundays on AXN this month

`The Next Karate Kid' to be telecast on AXN on July 27.

`The Next Karate Kid' to be telecast on AXN on July 27.  

THIS MONSOON AXN is bringing a fantastic line-up of films that promise to keep viewers glued to their TV sets. If you are an action and adventure freak, just make sure you don't miss the Saturday Weekend Blast and Sunday Action Heroes Special on AXN.

The visual treat begins with The Seventh Sign, starring Demi Moore, at 9 p.m. this Saturday. A gripping story of a young pregnant woman who starts hallucinating violent experiences, realising that a stranger living in her house is carrying out mystical prophecies of Judgment Day. It is a horror/supernatural film.

On 13th instant, watch The Fourth Floor, starring Juliette Lewis and William Hurt, a film about an independent young woman who gets caught in a bizarre twist of events when she moves to a new apartment inherited from her aunt. Horrifying and chilling incidents make her realise that the very same people who call themselves neighbours were the ones responsible for her aunt's death and now they are all out to gun for her life.

The Rendering on July 20 stars Shannon Doherty, Peter Outerbridge and John Brennen. Doherty plays Sarah Reynolds who has the gift of drawing; a gift she uses to put a deranged stalker behind bars. And, some years later when this very same man controls the fate of her jailed husband, she has no choice but to help get him free. She even indulges his fantasies of having a relationship with her. Catch her racing against the clock to gather evidence against this psychopath and to prove her husband's innocence.

The Saturday Weekend Blast ends with The Next Karate Kid on July 27. A touching and emotional story about an enigmatic karate teacher Miyagi, who after having shaped the lives of many, comes across an angry, bitter and confused young woman and how he helps her recognise and realise the goodness within her. He challenges her to reclaim the strength to defeat her foes and to be her self. Stars Pat Morita, Hilary Swank, Chris Conrad and Michael Ironside.

The Sunday Action Heroes Special has some great action films such as Die Hard with Bruce Willis on July 7, Deep Impact on July 14 and Twister on July 21.

By Satyamurty K.

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