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In all smiles

In all smiles  

A SPORTS festival for the hearing impaired is usually dubbed as being a dull affair. But the next time around, if you get an opportunity, walk into one and you are bound to see the place buzzing with activity. The enthusiasm level is much higher than the regular sports meet in a school or a college.

The Avinashilingam varsity and the District 324-B1-Lions Club International joined hands with Cheran Region Christian Society (CRCS) for the Disabled Children and Coimbatore Association for the Deaf to celebrate the International Week for the Deaf from October 7 to 11.

The five-day fest attracted about 300 children from 18 schools from in and around Coimbatore. Despite the constant drizzle, the children enjoyed the opening day's awareness run. The organisers seized the opportunity to put across to people that these children were special and need to be taken care of.

During the next couple of days, there were quiz and chess contests for the children. "This was the first time we had quiz for the hearing impaired, in which about 16 schools participated. The contests were held for juniors and seniors separately. We were surprised at the response as well as the children's latent talents. They were able to communicate much better," said D. Sabika of CRCS. When it came to the chequered board, the juniors excelled the seniors. They concentrated hard and made remarkable moves, which would possibly have caught the normal players off-guard.

There were also the regular sports event like the 50 metres, 100 metres, long jump and shot put, besides lemon and spoon and five-ball run, conducted at the Star School, Siganallur. Apart from sports, workshops were conducted, for teachers on how to handle and tackle such children and leadership training for the children. All put together, it was a week of inspiration.

By Rayan Rozario

Photo: K. Ananthan

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