Ruchifully yours


Ruchifully yours

Looking at the crowd in front of an outlet in Chaitanyapuri on the outskirts of the city, it seemed like a gathering outside a fair price shop. What could it be?

As one kept watching, some people were seen coming out with rotis in their hands. And then, it dawned that it was an outlet selling rotis. So what's new about it? Here's the point. A jowar roti and dal were sold at Re. 1 each. Unbelievable. But it's true.

Ruchi Dairy Products, a unit of the Nandyal-based Nandi Group of Companies, on Monday opened its eighth outlet in the twin cities, taking the total number in the State to 230. The eight outlets in Hyderabad -- at Chaitanyapuri, L.B. Nagar, Malakpet, Kothi, Musheerabad, Karmanghat, Meerpet and Amberpet -- together sell about 8,000 rotis a day.

Ruchifully yours

A few days after the rotis were made available in Nandyal in December last, the sale was 22,000. In Kurnool, it was 3,000 then. The sale spread to the towns like Mahabubnagar, Adoni, Anantapur, Tadipatri and Mydukur in drought-prone Rayalaseema. And then the operations moved to Hyderabad.

Interestingly, the rotis and dal travel quite some distance before reaching the city. They come from the company's kitchen at Kurnool, 220 km away. The first kitchen was in Nandyal. While a roti and a cup of dal costs Re. 1 each, half a loaf of bread comes for Rs. 3.50, a cream bun costs Rs. 3 and an ordinary bun costs as little as Re. 1. Yet another product of the company, a bottle of mineral water, is priced at Rs. 5 only.

How is it possible to prepare and sell rotis and dal at such low prices? Even a cup of tea these days costs Rs. 3, one might say. But S.P.Y. Reddy, the group chairman, says it is possible by sourcing the raw material directly from farmers.

Ruchifully yours

They get tomatoes from farmers at Rs. 3 or Rs. 4 a kg. They cost anywhere from Rs. 10 upwards in the market. Dal is procured for Rs. 15 and a little more, while the market price is Rs. 25 upwards.

Reddy says that once the number of outlets reached 20 in the city, he would open a kitchen in the city. Many customers are from the middle class. Sure sounds like a buy.

By Suresh Krishnamoorthy

Photos: P.V. Sivakumar

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