Robot in duet with a singer

Asimo, the robot, during a performance with celebrated artiste K.K. in New Delhi on Thursday.

Asimo, the robot, during a performance with celebrated artiste K.K. in New Delhi on Thursday.  

IT WOULD have been just another evening of music save for the "singer" who partnered artist KK on stage. Undoubtedly KK's most unique partner, the evening saw the world's most advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO - Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility - joining in with the singer for the first joint music performance in the Capital on Thursday.

It was an enthralled audience that witnessed the advanced technological capability of the humanoid as ASIMO displayed its skills on stage. The evening began with a pre-reveal video that introduced the four-foot humanoid to the audience. Singer KK then took over, singing his latest songs and even dedicating one to Honda's technological marvel. The joint performance saw ASIMO matching step to step with KK - "revealing its keen interest in music and dance" - and showcasing his tremendous flexibility in movement.

The evening also witnessed a performance from Ashley Lobo and his dance troupe. This was followed by six lucky winners from the audience who got an opportunity to be photographed with ASIMO.

On a month-long visit to the Capital, ASIMO had a fairly packed schedule as it introduced the immense potential of Robotics to people. This humanoid is enabled by new walking technology - Intelligent Real-Time Flexible Walking - that allows it to predict its next movement in real time and shift its centre of gravity in anticipation, making the walk smoother and more natural.

"ASIMO has been a complete revelation to the people of India. It has showcased Honda's advanced technological capability and its power of dreams. This will boost the study and research on Robotics in India,'' said a member of the ASIMO project, N.K. Goila.

By Anjali Malhotra

Photo: Anu Pushkarna

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