Right investment

TABU IS going back to her childhood to find a way forward. A `real' model for underprivileged girls, she hopes to make an impact on their future. Teaming up with UNCIEF, she plans to make a difference off-screen.

"My grandparents ran a primary school without charging too much fees. My mother is a teacher, so education was a part of our life. My grandmother always used to say that it is important for girls to stand on their feet. She used to say you might have a perfect life, get married and live happily, but you just never know. I want to lend my voice to the education of the girl child."

While she is yet to define her role with the organisation, she is committed enough to take the first step. About the beliefs that influenced her `reel' choices, she says: "I think I had this at the back of my mind when I acted in `Chandni Bar'. The woman wanted a good life for her daughter and was determined to educate her." Determined to take on stronger roles now, Tabu is ready to `invest' in a bright future for girls.