Rhapsody with creative ideas

A work from POeTTERY.  

POETRY IS considered food for the soul. But there are other ways of creating poems than penning verses. An artist creates harmony through his paintings, a sculptor creates poetry with his chisel, and an interior designer composes rhapsody with his creative ideas.

So what happens when there is a blending of poetry and pottery? Well, that is what Anubir, Bhavana, and Sarbjeet from New Delhi are out to do. Their creations may well add finesse to your home.

``POeTTERY - Design for Life'' is the name of the exhibition and the brand name of their creations. This exhibition of pieces that can be used for the interiors of houses or offices will be held from August 13 to 17 at the Gallery G, Rewa Car Showroom, Maini Sadan, Lavelle Road.

Their range, medium, and designs are as varied as you could imagine; they have worked with stoneware, clay, wood, metal, glass, and so on. All articles are original works created by Bhavana and Anubir, while coordination and running of the organisation is looked after by Sarbjeet.

According to them, a lot of attention has been given to form, texture, and tone.

This is what they have to say about their works: "This time, we are attempting a different show with tropical effervescence and have put together new themes, colours, and textures. We have tried to explore the unlimited possibilities of working with mixed media. The contemporary look created is ideal for modern interiors.''

One of the highlights of their show is the urns which are vibrantly hued and shaped. Certain finishes make the urns look like metal pieces; some are given the wooden look, while some even look like leather bags. These make interesting corner or centre compositions which can occupy the pride of place in living rooms, lobbies, staircase landings, and so on.

There will be an array of other items on display — tables for dining, consoles, side, centre, and coffee tables, mirror frames in wood, and articles in wrought iron and other media.

There are murals that can brighten up any interior, lamps in various shapes and sizes, and lampshades created from silk, cotton, jute, cane, and so on.

Their company also undertakes consultancy for interiors for homes and offices.

In Bangalore, their exhibition will catch the eye of those who have a flair for doing up their homes beautifully.

By Sahana Charan