Reverberating with ravishing rhythm

Boucher ma na dera pase Khukre khuk bhole Tene bhole mane Mithi mithi laage...

THE MELODIUS musky voice of the singer was so sweet and enchanting in epitomising the cock's crowing near the Boucher Ma Temple that it exhorted the players to have a go with the clinging of `dandiyas' as the grand `dandiya raas' organised by the Shree Gujarati Samaj, Tiruchi, took off to a colourful and vivacious start recently.

Mostly played on the `sharad pooram' day, which falls after the Navaratri celebrations, the `dandiya raas' is played to the lilting tunes of Gujarati folk music, which usually hails the glory of `Ambe Ma'.

With the `dhol' and the rhythm pad providing an admirable percussion support to the cadenced tune and in the appealing sight of young girls and boys swinging and swaying, the `dandiyas' clashed in unison as the dance floor reverberated to heart's delight.

When it comes to entertainment Gujaratis stand next to none in relishing life in all its splendour as it was witnessed at the `dandiya raas'. It was sheer undiluted enchantment watching kids handling the `dandiyas' rotating them between their fingers to raise their hands in time to meet the companion's pair of sticks.

``There are over 200 Gujarati families, who have settled here in Tiruchi. This is an occasion for all of us to meet and rejoice. The Samaj is organising the `raas' for the fourth consecutive year now,'' say the Samaj president, Deepak Shah, and the joint secretary, Ashok Gandhi.

The event, in which over 300 enthusiastic participants took part, was categorised into various segments depending on the age group.

The music, provided by Jayashree and party from Calicut, was simply enchanting and added lustre to the performance at the programme sponsored by the Reliance India Mobile.

From Renganathan L.

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