Research? Nah, it is song

BEHIND THE studied presence, there lurked a sense of uneasiness. These were moments of qualm. A hesitant look, a faint smile, shuffle of the feet and a trace of sweat on the forehead!

After all, this was the big stage and the world's gaze was fixed on them. And they were just amateurs.

A cue and a friendly prodding from the professional orchestra men, and the young members of the scientific community were crooning away to glory.

There was no trace of the earlier diffidence and confidence was coursing through their veins. And cells too.

Young scientific staff from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology successfully cloned the evening to perfection, recreating the magic of old and new Telugu and Hindi film numbers with a city-based professional orchestra acting as a catalyst.

As the programme `Suno... The Musical!' organised by the CCMB Club and coordinated by Suresh Chintalapati, Kasturi Mitra and Roshni Mitra got underway, the singers in the scientists were in excellent fettle, helping and egging on one another even as the professional keyboard players came to their help every now and then.

A.R. Rahman, O.P. Nayyar, Sri and S.D. Burman, their choice of numbers spawned different generations and moods.

In all, a fine experiment by the young scientific staff who received a standing ovation of their older set.

And the findings of the experiments -- a patent medicine called music that promises loads of fun and bonhomie.

By Madhav K.V.S.

Photo: K. Ramesh Babu

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