Renowned film-maker

JAHNU BARUA is in town. This renowned Assamese film-maker is heading the jury of the Second International Video Festival now on at the State capital.

Starting with a national film award for his maiden venture, Barua has been a recipient of several honours at various international film festivals. The recognitions include the Grand Prix Silver Leopard and World Ecumenical Award at Locarno, the award for the best film at the Amien International Film Festival and the Best of Asia at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

His most acclaimed work is his third movie, `Halodhai Charaye Baodhan Khai' (The Catastrophe), produced in 1988. Another notable film is `Hkhagofoloi Bohudoor' (It's a Long way to the Sea), that won the National Award for the Best Direction (Golden Lotus) in 1995, besides 15 international awards.

His films have been invited to as many as 42 prestigious festivals the world over. Apart from making films, Barua has been heading the Regional Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication (RIJAM) as its chairman since 1996. He also teaches cinema and audio-visual art at RIJAM as well as at other institutes across the country and abroad.

Apart from Phillip Hoffman, Barua is the film personality most sought after by the media and film fans flocking to the IV Fest. For the time being, he has been fighting shy of the media glare and is put up at Kovalam.

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