Remembering school days

School days always remain a nostalgia that refuses to leave one's subconscious like an aged ink stain on the shirt. It always returns as pangs of memories about mirth and joy veiled by a distant past.

And here are an artist and a poet trying to recollect their school days. `E' is an illustrated collection of poems - poems by Kuzhur Wilson and illustrations by C. Sudhakaran - about the time they spent at school.

Lines and images in these poems and illustrations are all plain and simple. You will not find anything extraordinary brilliant here. Instead, what you will find is the warmth of memories.

There are images of children walking to the school, drenched to the bones in the monsoon. One could almost feel the smell of wet school uniforms rising from these pages.

The best poem in the collection comes as first, the one about a boy who tries to mark Kuzhur on the political map of India. He was expected to complete the map and mark Kashmir in three minutes and he exhausts the time by looking for sights familiar to him. The authors plan to release the book in any of the Government schools as it reopens for the next academic year. Nothing could decorate this work better.

By Anand Haridas

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