Remembering Lord Mahavir

THE JAIN community on Tuesday celebrated Saint Mahavir's 2602th birthday with religious service and community service.

Holding aloft the ideals of the Jain saint, the community started the day with a prayer for world peace at the Shri Cochin Jain Temple. About 1000-odd participants were present at the function in the morning. They partook Navkarsi - breakfast arranged on the temple premises.

Panchakalya Pooja or the musical pooja, which lasted for more than two hours, was the main ritualistic rite in the morning.

The whole community participated in the ritual with religious fervour.

The day is not just for performing religious rites but also interacting with other communities in society and involving them in the celebration. The Jain community served buttermilk to about 1000-odd passersby at the Thopumpady junction.

Says Pravin C. Shah, president of the Sree Cochin Swetamber Murtipujak Jain Sangh, which manages the Jain Temple, "we made buttermilk from about 25 litres of curd. We distributed buttermilk by putting up a banner regarding the celebration."

The community also distributed about 550 food packets.

Towards evening, the community participated in a yagna called Prathikraman performed for about more than two hours.

By Shyama Rajagopal

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