CONSUMERS, BEWARE. Be conscious that `use-and-throw' plastic and paper cups, straws etc., are crushed and damaged beyond redemption before being thrown into dustbin, at tea shops, fruit joints or eateries.

At a few joints, the care with which plastic items are collected back, without right away throwing them into the dustbin, suggests a nefarious `use-and-use' policy.

Ironically, the very purpose of using disposable items gets defeated, and ultimately, hygiene becomes a casualty.

Obviously, some food joints indulge in such acts to save upon the overhead expenditure, ignorant of the fact that in the process, they are `penny wise and pound foolish'. Even if they use comparatively sturdy use-and-throw items, in the long run, customers cannot be taken for a ride.

Same is the case with mineral water bottles too. Empty plastic bottles are sold, especially outside railway stations. The haste, in which a group enters the bogies in search of pet bottles after the passengers get down, indicates the new concept assumed by the term, `recycling'.

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