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PROUD MOMENTS: Pestonji and her husband and other awardees.

PROUD MOMENTS: Pestonji and her husband and other awardees.  

G.K. Pestonji - the name is one among the millions of Hyderabadis.

But, perhaps everyone in the city knows the stores run by her. Or, there wouldn't be any Hyderabadi who has not entered them at one time or the other. She is the owner of Chermas' chain of stores.

She is now famous for being the highest taxpayer in the "Business Category'' in Circle- 4 of the Income Tax Department for the assessment year 1998-99.

The lady behind Chermas was one among three taxpayers honoured by the department with "Samman Patra'' for her honesty and promptness in doing her duty.

Rs. 60 lakhs is quite high by any standards. Rather, doing away with so much money may even tempt you not to do so.

But the adulation she got and the admiration she received for being honest payer was indeed much more than that.

Her beaming face said all - money "lost'' can also buy happiness and that too pure and untainted happiness. And she got the ultimate `samman' when

her husband, who himself has been a recipient of the award at the national level, said: "Behind every successful man there is a woman. But my wife has always been in front of me.''

The other two recipients too were unique in their own way. In the "Profession Category'', the former Advocate-General of the State, E. Manohar, was awarded the "Samman Patra", while in the "Salary Category", retired employee of the State Bank of Hyderabad, M. Pratap Reddy, got the honour for being highest and prompt tax payer.

It's not just the awards and adulation they got, but the Income Tax Department would extend certain incentives like issue of IT clearance certificate and exemption from scrutiny for a period of three years.

And the awardees would also be selected for Tax Advisory Committees.

By Ravikanth Reddy R

Photo: Satish H.

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