Qutub to come alive with music and dance

THE CAPITAL'S tallest building will be lit up once again. While it might not be the "star" of the show, as Ilutmish would have wanted his victory tower to be, at least this historical site will get to be seen by many more people than it would on an ordinary day.

Using the Qutub Minar as the perfect backdrop, the Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation will bring the magic of music alive with the Qutub Festival. More than just about unforgettable music in a historic setting, the Qutub Festival is about presenting the past in the "right" light to future generations.

Celebrating its 11 anniversary this year, the two-day festival will showcase not only music, but also classical dance.

A chance for one of the "oldest" landmarks in the Capital to get to meet its new inheritors, the Qutub Festival will have space for both the classical and a little contemporary music this time. With Hariharan, part of the Colonial Cousins team, singing on the first day, the festival will also include some older members of the music trade.

While Hariharan might not be singing jazzed up versions of classical songs, he will certainly be the part of the "lighter" element of the festival.

For those who prefer more conventional singing, there will be Zila Khan singing ghazals as well as Gulfam Ahmad of the Afghan Sarod Gharana playing the "rabab". Bringing alive a close connection with the Minar's original builder, this is the first time that a "rabab'' recital will be performed on this stage.

Besides giving audiences an opportunity to enjoy accomplished artists, the Qutub Festival also gives upcoming artists space to perform. "Nritya Kunj" is a confluence, which allow State awardees be part of the show. Choreographed by Sindhu Mishra, this dance performance will fuse different classical traditions into one entity.

The last day of the Qutub Festival will showcase the best quwwali artists in India. Bringing to stage Hazi Mohmad Idris and Mohmad Ilyas of the illustrious Sarawa Gharana, which is known for its "Sufiana" style, the festival will also have Qutubi Brothers and Reshma Khatoon perform. The festival begins on September 27

By Mandira Nayar

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