Quenching thirst

This is for real... free water bottles.

This is for real... free water bottles.  

WHY WOULD anyone distribute free water bottles along Anna Salai, urging the passers-by to quench their thirst? Sounds like an impossible act of charity, but it was real. For it was no charity on Thursday evening, even better, it was a promotional event by Raj TV to popularise their serials, `Enna Satham Inda Neram' (telecast Monday through Thursday at 8-30 p.m.) and `Rekkai Kattiya Manasu' (Monday-Thursday at 9 p.m.). Most of the persons who received the water bottles were surprised by the latest incentive to keep them glued to the telly. Some of the `informed critics' however smiled at the freebies and also wondered what other benefits would come by the way of channel surfers in the post-CAS scenario.

"Will we see times when watching a serial sponsored by a detergent powder company win discounts on the product? Anything is possible after July 15," an elderly gentleman said, even as he sipped the water.

Raj TV has already declared that it is a pay-channel and after July 15, subscribers will need a set top box to watch the channel.

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