Pyar kiya to darna kya!

FAIRY DANCING: Gauhar Khan and glamour... some stuff this at 10 Downing Street pub.

FAIRY DANCING: Gauhar Khan and glamour... some stuff this at 10 Downing Street pub.  

THEY'RE LOST in their own world. High decibel music and scores of couples. But no stopping 'em. Eyes locked and hands glued. Romance... er... love's in the air. Two love-lorn couple knotted, tight. Everything else looks mundane.

A bubbly young girl approaches them, with a mike in her hand. She thought she would `probe' the couple. But to her shock comes a beamer from the guy. "How many years do you think we have been married?'' The girl lets a pause and followed by a grin, she throws the question to the scores of couples around them.

Three years, four, six, one... still to tie the knot?! Well, the responses were as varied as the couples themselves. In fact, they were way off the mark.

"It's been 12 years,'' the couple thundered. The crowd were in for a shock now. For, the couple looked as fresh as flower. And their romance as intense as teeny-weeny dating.

Yeah, their spark sure ignited the Valentine bash at 10 Downing Street pub on Thursday. There was music, masti and lots of razzmatazzzz... The evening was made more memorable with dudes and damsels vying with one another to fill the air with love. Pure love at that. Gauhar Khan, crowned Miss Talented in the recent Fa Femina Miss India show, lent a touch of glamour to the evening. She compered the show in style.

What more. Couples flaunted their love to no end on a day... er... a night when nothing else mattered but sheer pyar. (Pyar kiya to darna kya, right?) There was this couple who had to roll a heart-shaped balloon from their legs on to their faces without using the hands. The balloon got pressed, squeezed and crushed even before it made a foray. But it won them some gifts. There was this question and answer session too.

And as the evening turned into night, it was time to shake. And boy! The crowd danced to the pulsating music as if there's no tomorrow. Yeah, rivulets of sweat flowed. And with it, unflinching love .

By R. Ravikanth Reddy Photo: P.V. Sivakumar

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