Puppet show on fusion of two fables

`Never For Ever'

`Never For Ever'  

THIS IS your chance of cashing in on a never before opportunity. "Never for Ever" is a rhapsody of short stories showcasing the fables of La Fontaine and some episodes of the Panchatantra presented in the form of an unusual puppet show by Compagnie Brigitte Revelli. Alliance Francaise de Delhi, in association with the Embassy of France in India, will present the show this Friday at Teen Murti Auditorium at 6-30 p.m. For the French artist, Brigitte Revelli, who has been living in Kerala for many years and has been working with puppets that she makes herself, this is a dream come true.

She is presently working on a piece around the Panchatantra, the Sanskrit text whose 17th Century translation influenced Jean de La Fontaine. This piece presents two poets, Vishnusharma and La Fontaine. Their dialogues being the link between their animal fables.

Knowing the work of this artist who is also a dancer and who has lived and studied the performing arts of Kerala for the past 13 years, this will be a beautiful homage to the two writers with a lot of musical and visual poetry. For those who are planning to check out the programme, the puppet show will offer a visual interpretation of the stories, blending narrative sequences and dialogues between the puppets and the puppeteer. The musical atmosphere created by the songs and percussions weaves its framework along with dialogue and narrations, which are adapted in the local language.

By Bindu Shajan Perappadan

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