Prize Winners

The percentage factor

Impose ban on wearing transparent clothes, especially by the heroine while dancing in rain or dating with the hero.

It is better if the ban is made applicable to the hero, too, in view of the equal rights to women campaign going on worldwide!

Also every film sensor certificate must contain the percentage of all its ingredients like violence and vulgarity and every time the film is exhibited or advertised, this percentage has to be displayed boldly. Every time a murder scene appears on the screen, the number of years a murderer could be put behind bars also must appear!

R.P. Rammohan, Hyderabad

Just beat it!

Hero giving `bear hugs' as many times as possible to his sister in "brother-sister" songs. Hero, looking a vagabond, emerging as a CBI officer in the end specially sent to settle personal scores with villain.

Villain's daughter (heroine) falls in love with hero only (as if there are no males in the village).

B.V. Kumar, Tirupati

In snip shape

If violence can be shown without golis, baddies without mouthing gaalis, item songs without gals clad in skimpy cholis, sensuality without sleaze, emotions without excess glycerine, children without acting too big for their boots, college campuses without eve teasing, teachers without behaving like nincompoops -- then the scissors can remain blunt or else snip them off.

Usha Rajagopalan, Secunderabad


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