Police in the net!

Men in uniform are hardly civil. Talk of the police and the common perception is of a force that barks orders, behaves rudely, collects `mamools' and is hardly available when needed most. So strong are these impressions that many prefer to remain a victim of injustice or crime than seek the help of the police.

Of late, cops are making efforts to gain a people-friendly image. And even released a Citizens' Charter. Do come out with a charter of your own and enlist the do's and dont's for the men in khaki. Suggest ways that can make the cops turn more efficient and empathetic and don't forget to prescribe punishment for those violating the charter. Do dip your charter in humour and email the same to or snail mail to The City Editor, The Hindu, Begumpet Public Road, Hyderabad-500016, before April 11.