Police 'gear' up for action

Taking a look

Taking a look  

WATCH OUT all you drivers, motorists and pedestrians out there! The cops are all more equipped and their `watchful eyes' has only got sharper. Here's why. In a bid to enhance the safety standards onthe roads, the city police have been provided with gadgets of over Rs 25 lakhs. Provided by the Government under the Road Safety funds they were handed over to the respective jurisdiction officials at a simple function held at the Police Recruit School Grounds on Avanashi Road. This includes 400 reflective batons (with LED illumination powered by battery), to enable signals of policemen at night and 300 reflective jackets for the constables.

Policemen on traffic regulation duty at nights and those conducting vehicle inspections at nights, especially at checkposts would be provided with these reflective jackets to prevent vehicles run them over, the City Police Commissioner, Sanjay Arora, said.

300 reflective cones and 200 reflective rubber decelerators, which are detachable speed breakers normally used during VVIP and VIP convoys have also been provided. Easily portable PVC columns with chains and reflective barricades supplied are aimed at regulating fluctuating traffic or mass congregations. The other key gadgets include 1000 `Cats Eye Reflective Road Markers', four radar guns for detecting speedy vehicles from a distance and seven breath analysers. The police have decided to install these the road markers at accident-prone zones like Ukkadam Road, Thadagam Road, Avanashi Road, Trichy Road and Sathy Road. The traffic cones and barricades would be put up near Women's Polytechnic Junction, Stanes Higher Secondary School, GRG School and Avila Convent.

The gadgets would supplement the efforts of police in making road travel safer and more disciplined, Mr. Arora and the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime and Traffic), Vidya D. Kulkarni, pointed out.

The key to road safety is `3 Es' - Engineering, Education and Enforcement, and these gadgets would help improve the first and the last. Efforts were on to `Educate' the road users on the need to adhere to rules. And only when education fails are police constrained to resort to `Enforcement'. These gadgets would help supplement the efforts of the police, Mr. Arora said.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic), A. Amir Basha, also spoke.

By Palaniappan V S

Photo: K. Ananthan

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