Plight of Ireland

THE STRUGGLE for freedom and the colonial rule and its excesses have been the subject of many a novel and short story.

Much more than a straight narration of history, they have shed light on the social realities of those days in a poignant manner.

The cartoonist, P. Mohanan's latest novel, `Vishaya Vivaram', too develops against the backdrop of the freedom movement in Kerala, but with a difference. The protagonist of the novel, John Connaught, is the alter ego of the noted poet, W.B. Yeats, says Mohanan. He says he has tried to draw a parallel between the national struggles of India and Ireland.

The novel gives a new political, historical and subjective definition to the freedom movement.

The novelist who has liberally quoted the works of Yeats, expresses a concern over the plight of Ireland which has not yet been liberated.

Mohanan says that unlike his first novel, `Kaala Sthithi', there is no overdose of lampoon in `Vishaya Vivaram'.

By Nair N J

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