Pleasure banking

MONETARY TRANSACTIONS in Madurai city are poised for a leap, in sync with the trend in metros.

The days of endless wait in queues in front of the bank counters are over.

Withdrawal of money these days is talked about more in terms of seconds than minutes.

Thanks to the presence of ATMs, banking is now considered to be a pleasurable task. It proliferated along with the entry of the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) Bank, the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) Bank as also private players like Global Trust Bank (GTB), to the delight of the business community.

The State Bank of India and the Indian Bank are also making their presence felt significantly.

Now, it is possible for one to see ATMs dotting various parts of the city, in the vicinity of business establishments.

In terms of safety as well as social stature, instantaneous purchase of any product has become possible through instantaneous withdrawal, owing to the ubiquitous ATMs.

Technology has helped Maduraites to turn consumeristic. For the harried bank customers, their happiness stems from the easy and foolproof access to the technology.

For the businessmen, mostly those who are into bulk financial transactions on a daily basis, drawing money in a need-based manner from ATMs is the best bet.

Another dimension is that bank employees consider the advent of ATMs a blessing in disguise as it eases their pressure in a vital area of banking.

By Krishnamoorthy R

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