Playing `safe money' card

PLASTIC CARDS have virtually taken over our lives. Flashy credit cards and plastic identity cards, and petro debit cards that can be used at filling stations. The latest addition is the `Power Plus Feet Card,' brought out by the Indian Oil Corporation, targeting major fleet operators.

This card is said to be particularly useful on highways, where it is unsafe to carry too much cash. This card could be used at filling stations, in lieu of paying in hard cash.

This facility is available on all major National Highways throughout India, and is accepted in more than 300 Indian Oil Corporation retail outlets. This card, introduced in association with Sundaram Finance Limited, is especially useful for truckers travelling long distance during nights.

Apart from being hassle-free and safer than carrying cash, the card provides a number of value-added services to its users, like loyalty points, insurance, and vehicle tracking systems.

By Preethi Chandrasekar.

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