People-friendly cops

THIS IS an age when organisations cannot function without being people-friendly. Many suggestions came up at the 20th district meeting of the Kerala Police Association, which represents the constabulary in the State's police force, to give a boost to the sagging image of the force. The KPA district president, P.C. Kunjukunju, said that the law and order situation must be good if the country was to progress. "Policemen should be able to gain the confidence and love of the public,'' he said.

The City Police Commissioner, Vinod Thomas, said that none of the penal laws contradicted the other. "The conflict is in people's expectations. People should be made to feel that the law will treat everybody on par. The force is hamstrung because of lack of resources and manpower ,'' he said. The former MP , Sebastian Paul, said it was no use blaming the penal laws framed by the British. Unlike in India, the police is much respected in Britain. The fault is in erroneous implementation.

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