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Exploring new vistas: Rajiv Anchal

Exploring new vistas: Rajiv Anchal  

The noted director, Rajiv Anchal, is thrilled by the progress of his latest film, `Beyond the Soul', which celebrates oriental medicine and its virtues. The film also deals with mysteries such as those surrounding afterlife.

The accent is on unravelling the inherent strengths of Ayurveda, says Rajiv, who was in the city, busy making arrangements for the second schedule, which begins at the Klink Creek Farm in Chicago on February 25.

A team comprising the cinematographer, Ramachandra Babu, art director, Muthuraj, and costumer, Satheesan, would leave for the United States within a couple of days.

The story has a live link between a remote hamlet in Kerala and Chicago. An American doctor is desperately trying to find a regimen for one of his patients who is suffering from a rare skin disease. While browsing the Internet, he stumbles upon an Ayurvedic physician in Kerala who has a cure for the ailment and strikes up a friendship with him.

The US doctor, Frederick, comes to Kerala with the details of his patient and the Ayurveda physician suggests a therapy. Quoting the ``Ashtangahrudaya,'' the acharya says the malady is nothing but divine retribution for the sins the patient had committed in his past life.

The interaction between the two physios and the development of their camaraderie were shot in the city. Rajiv was waiting for the winter to reach its peak. Now Klink Creek Farm is all covered with snow and has formed an ideal setting, he says.

Actor Babu Antony's brother, Thampy Antony, who is settled in America, plays the role of the acharya.

He is perhaps the only Malayali artiste in the film. Christina, an American artiste, plays the role of Frederick's wife.

Rajiv has picked up most others in his cast from the American amateur theatre.

The film is being produced with the help of students of cinema in America. Though an English film, Rajiv prefers to call it an Indian film with an international touch.

By N. J. Nair

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