Painting for national integration

THE CITY has been organising various competitions in painting and drawing, the one organised by the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers' Forum in Madurai on Monday was unique in many aspects.

A small group of young and sensitive artistes, all students drawn from various city colleges, gathered under a thatched-roof on the premises of the Gandhi Museum. The topics were society-conscious such as communalism, national integration, unity in diversity and religious amity.

The young artistes, without any inhibition, exhibited their creative best on canvass. A student recreated the Gujarat pogrom and another splashed the the rioting mobs. Many, from different angles, highlighted the need for national integration. People were made to stand as Indians to stress religious amity across the boundaries of States. The pangs of violence unleashed during the frenzied communal clashes were bared.

A stiff warning in the form of a caricature was issued to the people asking them not to encourage those who tried to divide the country and its people on communal lines. Most of the portraits carried the message of peace and love among the communities of free and secular India. With enthusiasm writ large on their faces, these socially committed students displayed their penchant for the nuances of art.

Thirty students, including 13 girls, took part in the three-hour session, conducted in the serene atmosphere of the Gandhi Museum, which stands loftily for peace and non-violence. According to the competitionorganiser, P. Kavithakumar, The winners will be honoured on January 30.

By Ilangovan R

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