Oru masala dosai, oru masala film

There should be a film on the incident. To achieve reality ,even our CM Garu should act as the hero. It should begin with our Naidu garu taking over the reins of Chief Ministership from NTR. Don't worry. We have any number of villains, side-heroes, stuntmen (our CM is famous for importing even foreign ones like Arnold, and other lady stunt women). We can add a little bit of romance element also with Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari, (in their pre-marriage years in a dream scene in foreign locales). Fortunately all the lead stars and characters are available in his own family (and in the congress party).

I am sure that this film will be a super hit before the next elections. It is quite possible that our CM garu will be selected for Oscars award also. Naidu Garu, make hay while the sun (not son) shines. People will forget water problems, draught, suicides etc. After all, we Andhraiites, like our Tamil brethren, are addicted to the celluloid world too much.

V. Sundaresan, Secunderabad