`Original' Viking to the fore

He coming back, and with yet another bang.

Bombay Vikings' remix forte -- light, easy-to-watch song visualisation - is all too evident in the latest album, `Chhod do aanchal, zamana kya kahega'. There is a slight variation in the `script' though. Included in the album are six Neeraj Sridhar `originals', his favourite being `Aa raha hoon main.'

"This song is from my heart. It speaks of zeal towards life itself and has a significant message, to take the course of life in your stride and cherish each wonderful moment it offers," he says. He was at Music World on Saturday evening to promote the album, comprising 10 tracks.

"I hate wearing flashy clothes, those chamki-chamki ones," says the Vikings star, revealing his pet hate.

"Music videos should be decent. The entire family should be able to watch it together. My songs easily fit the bill," he says, as his fans, start `capturing' him on their mobile phones.

"I respect the original songs and the song makers and ensure that the original's essence is not lost. Hence, I don't change the lyrics," he says, adding that Lata Mangeshkar and Dev Anand were all praise for his remixes. The cassettes and CDs are priced at Rs. 55 and Rs. 125 respectively.

By Vikram Sharma

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