Operation Horse Rescue

Galloping to good health?

Galloping to good health?  

IT WAS a black Thursday for animal lovers a couple of weeks ago, when one of the horses used for joy rides on the Marina was found gasping on the middle of Kamarajar Salai late in the night. But in her final sacrifice, the mare had brought deliverance for the horses on the Marina.

``Operation Horse Rescue'' began when one of the activists of People for Animals (PfA), Dharmesh, who saw the animal suffering in pain, took it to the Veterinary college hospital with the help of his friends. But their attempts proved futile and the animal died.

That was an eye-opener for the volunteers of the PfA, Chennai Chapter, who realised the need for checking the health condition of horses used for joy rides. The next couple of days, the activists were busy visiting various stables/camps, where the horses used for joy-rides were kept.

The co-founder and one of the Trustees of PfA, Shiranee Pereira along with the veterinarian Muralidhar started her visit in the morning from a stable on Sivananda Salai where a stable was located.

``Initially, the owners/riders refused to cooperate with us, thinking that we have come to seize their animals. But, when we told them the purpose of our visit, they relented and showed us the animals,'' says she.

Rescuing horses or treating them is easier for activists, compared to similar operations to help cattle being taken to Kerala for slaughter.

``I received threatening calls from the cattle owners and the vehicle owners. But that was overcome thanks to the support and cooperation of police officers such as Superintendent of Police, Chengalpattu East, Ponn Manickavel,'' she says.

The animal welfare brigade in the city would sometime have to focus on the question of community dogs, which are not yet covered fully by the Animal Birth Control programme.

By Oppili P

Photo: M. Moorthy

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