Open House at MMB

GENERATIONS OF language students here have had their first encounter with Germany and her language and culture at the good old Max Mueller Bhavan which has been functioning in Delhi for the past four decades. When it opened its doors in 1961, it was the first institute of its kind offering a varied cultural programme in the Capital.

Since then much has changed and many new aspects have been added. However, the numerous partners and friends from the cultural, academic, professional, business and entrepreneurial circles have had a wonderful rapport with the "Goethe Institut" which is the worldwide organisation active in the promotion of German language and culture.

The Max Mueller Bhavans - branches of the Goethe Institut in India - are named after the great German Indologist and Sanskrit scholar, Friedrich Max Mueller. Besides striving to promote the study of German language and cultivate interest in German art and culture, the Max Mueller Bhavans enhance intercultural co-operation and provide extensive information about Germany through their information services and library.

To apprise the general public about its activities, the Max Mueller Bhavan is planning a daylong "Open House" on November 1 - from 10 a.m. to midnight - to introduce itself once again through a wide range of activities and to provide an insight into what keeps it busy. Max Mueller Bhavan encourages the teaching of German as a foreign language in primary and secondary schools, at universities, colleges and institutes of adult education. "With our programmes, we seek to continue and intensify the long lasting dialogue between the Indian and German cultures," informs the re-designed brochure of Max Mueller Bhavan.

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