On the mark

WHICH EUROPEAN leader is the recipient of Gandhi Peace prize this year? Vaclav Saligrama.

A national award winning director made a national award winning film on an Indian Oscar winner. Who are they? Shyam Benegal on Satyajit Ray.

On the mark

If it is Kalidas in Tamil, Bhakt Prahlad in Telugu what is it in Hindi? Alam Ara. The questions flew thick and fast and so were the answers. The finals of the all-India The Hindu Young World Quiz-2003 saw a brilliant performance by the participating teams. There were funny answers, wild guesses, intelligent hunches, hits, misses and more.

Every time a question was put scores of hands would go up hollering for attention. Some hit the jackpot every time they opened their mouths while some made clever guesses. "I told you so," whispers would go round whenever there was narrow miss.

On the mark

It was a quiz beyond academics. Fun apart, the show was a learning experience. Quizmaster, V.V. Ramanan, came up with some toughies. There were several rounds such as be Choosy, Shootout, Mera Bharat Mahan and Topsy-turvy.

How old was Noah during the great flood? Six hundred years. That was Ram Keshav-Azmi Habeeb of Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Kochi, who topped the finals. The twosome was way ahead of others and killed the competition from the second round itself. The topsy-turvy round was real fun. The teams were supposed to come up with the question for the answer provided.

Most of the teams were bang on target and answered the questions without batting an eyelid. The children were quizzed on a wide range of subjects - history, science, literature, films, music. The young guns fielded the questions with aplomb. They were absolutely confident - even when they were wide off the mark. The quizmaster was amazed by the brilliant and ingenious wrong answer given by a boy. But nonetheless he was given a gift. A silver lining was that there were no losers. Even the audience had something to carry home.

By Ifthekhar J.S.

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