On emission norms

AIR POLLUTION is assuming alarming proportions in the State. However much emission laws are made rigorous, there still are ways to circumvent them, going by the Transport Minister, R. Balakrishna Pillai's experience.

Inaugurating a workshop on `Fuel adulteration', organised in the State capital by the Anti-adulteration Council of India, Mr. Pillai said he has, like any ordinary citizen, managed to obtain `Pollution under control certificates' for his own vehicles from authorised agencies themselves, without subjecting them to any test.

"As a Minister in charge of motor vehicles, I have not tried to escape the law. But as an ordinary citizen, I have," he remarked. There are many lacunae in the existing laws of the land, he said. "Pollution control laws are lax and need to be enforced much more vigorously," he suggested.

By Ajeth Kumar J