On burgers and table manners

Rejoicing the moment

Rejoicing the moment  

IT WAS time for frolic coupled with a feast. The fast food joint was packed with students and their shrill voices split the air. They entered the joint in teams of two holding each others hands as instructed by their teachers.

Neatly dressed in uniform, they entered Marrybrown, the burger corner near Nehru Stadium, all set to learn the secret of making burgers. Some of them had their raincoats anticipating a downpour, thanks to the unpredictable weather.

The gifts that were piled up at the entrance did not fail to amuse them. A dashing cycle, two snazzy school bags and trendy Timex watches were the gifts that could be theirs if they won the "Back to School" painting competition.

Ek minute burgers

Ek minute burgers  

According to P.Vanji, proprietor, Marrybrown, the programme aimed at teaching the students to make their own nutritious and protein stuffed burgers.

"At the close of the burger-making session, they will be provided with a free burger of their choice, accompanied by Coke."

Besides making burgers, they will also be taught to wear a tie. "This programme isn't confined to schoolchildren alone, even outsiders can participate. The essential criterion for taking part is that they should be below 13 years of age. A quick look on the table manners is also a part of the programme. We also have plans to recruit hearing impaired for making burgers," added Vanji.

The organisers were overwhelmingly thrilled and excited about managing the students sitting in huge numbers. "Do you love Marrybrown" was their first question, and the response, "Yes", was so loud that we feared that the roof would be blown off.

We then had one of the organisers demonstrating the procedure of wearing a tie. With a yellow tie crossed by red checks, he held it with his hands and as a first step positioned it in such a way that end A was longer than end B. Then, he crossed A over B. went on the procedure step by step until the Marrybrown Knot was made. "Now...this gives you an executive look," said the organiser after he wore the tie on his neck.

Providing tips on table manners, Anitha explained them the way they were supposed to eat food _ "never stuff your mouth with food, it looks gross and it could choke" was the first piece of advice.

"Are you babies?," she asked in a high pitch, for she wanted to be audible. "No" came the thunderous response. "Eat with a fork or spoon unless the food is meant to be had with fingers. Only babies eat with fingers."

A little later, we heard giggles of the children teasing each other as "babies" for not using the spoon or fork to eat.

The children burst out laughing when she mocked the way some people took food, comparing it to the cows chewing its cud. Burger making session: The heal (bun underneath) is topped with sauce and grated cabbage. The "Patti" (cutlet) is rested on top of it and crowned with the bun.

The set up is wrapped and served with tomato or chilli sauce. The students were called to make a burger and the one who took the minimum time won a prize. For Deepak and Priya it took only 40 seconds to complete.

By Vidyashree Amaresh

Photos: S. Siva Saravanan

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