Old habits die hard

The leopard cannot change his spots, goes an adage. Though the city is witnessing changes in the system of solid waste disposal, old habits of street urchins to rummage through the garbage bins for various kinds of scrapes seem to continue.

The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation replaced the conventional garbage bins with the more expensive dumper bins. In the old system, the garbage was lifted into a tractor-trailer and taken to the dumping yard. Quite a lot of garbage was lost en route with the overloaded tractor-trailers spilling it along the road.

The city has the best solid waste disposal system in the country. The Excell plant converts organic waste into compost. The Sriram Energy Systems power plant incinerates pellets and fluff made from garbage to produce power and lastly the VMC vegetable and slaughterhouse waste treatment plant burns the methane gas produced to generate electricity.

The new system of garbage collection was introduced to meet the specific needs of the three different plants. They had little use for the garbage if it was mixed up. One man's meat is indeed another man's poison.

By Ramana Rao G.V. in Vijayawada

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